My name is Melanie Lunny and I’m a Civil Celebrant.

I’ll bring fresh & vibrant ideas to help create a point of difference that is imaginative & inspiring. Whatever your ceremony, be it a Wedding, Name Giving, Commitment or Renewal of your Vows, it should be wonderful, energising and meaningful; both to you and those you’ve invited to join your special day. This is what I love helping to create, and what inspires me.

I will work with you to ensure you and your guests go on the journey of engagement, laughter and understanding. Ultimately it’ll be a ceremony that is uniquely yours and is a great representation of the messages you’d like to portray. Let’s be honest, this event is about what is special and important to you.

I don’t use “a one size fits all” ceremony; what I will do is help you to navigate down the path of ‘where do we start’, ‘who should we involve, how long should it go for’, trust me, it’ll be a fun process.

It’s my aim to work in a relaxed way that helps to open up and discover what is possible; generate ideas and ultimately find new ways that best creates the right experience for you. It’s a collaborative process, and one that will leave you energised and satisfied. I’m keen to hear your ideas…

Melanie Lunny Celebrant And in case you were wondering, I am a strong believer that all loving couples in Australia regardless of gender, should have the same right and privilege of being able to marry under Australian law.

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